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Revel is a 360 degree digital marketing Agency for law firms

REVEL AGENCY is a small but dedicated team of Digital Experts and Internet Marketing Specialists who share the same enthusiastic vision.

Like our Founder, Widley Vil, who started out helping the elderly live more connected lives, we want to empower the clients we serve.

We partner with small and medium local businesses, specifically Law Firms, and deliver digital solutions that unleash their business potential and expand their client base.

The digital landscape is changing fast, and can be a complicated and confusing chaos of choices, especially to those less informed.

All too often we see good money squandered on costly digital strategies that don’t work, and one of our prime objectives is to ensure that this does not happen to you!

REVEL will partner with you to simplify and amplify your Web Presence, develop a targeted SEO Campaign, manage your Social Media channels, enhance your Content Strategy, craft engaging Email Sequences and much more.

Together with simple, professional, cohesive Branding to present your company image best, partnering with REVEL will result in engagement and conversion rates that quickly turn your visitors into loyal clients.

Our Mission

At REVEL Our Mission is Simple.

We are passionate and driven to empower our business partners by developing dynamic digital marketing strategies and solutions that drive more business and boost their bottom line. Only once you considerably expand your client base and significantly increase your income, do we consider our initial mission accomplished. From then on out, it’s all about ensuring your digital presence is fully optimized and resilient, and keeps delivering into the future, because we’re determined to secure your ongoing success too.

At REVEL Our Mission is Your Success!

Revel Digital Agency

Our Services

At REVEL what Matters Most to us is Results!

Tangible, measurable results that add real value to your business and deliver a fast and formidable Return on your Investment. A carefully crafted strategy unique to your needs will be made up of a mix of the following:


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Premier Paralegal
Premier Paralegal
Brooklyn, NY
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I was one of those people that had their website setup years ago and never looked back. I thought everything was fine because people called and said they looked at the site and thought it was professional enough to trust me. That was about five years ago. When I noticed calls slowing down I tried to figure out why. It didn’t take long for me to realize that I was a dinosaur as far as my website was concerned.

Revel stepped in and resurrected my site and made me young again! My sales have surpassed anything I could ever imagine! Widley at Revel takes the time to go over each step and doesn’t make you feel dumb when you ask questions. He even takes time out to check in on me without nickel and diming me every chance he gets. I was going to use one of those do it yourself sites but I’m soooooo glad I didn’t. I would have made myself look cheap and skimpy. The investment in a better website was so worth it. I’m grateful to be back in the game. Thanks to Widley and his incredible team at Revel.
A. Fakhouri
A. Fakhouri
Law Office of Maher
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They're professional and knowledgeable in their field. They worked very hard and their timeliness was amazing." - Law Office of Maher A. Fakhouri
US Law Group
US Law Group
Beverly Hills, CA
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Our law firm engaged Revel Digital to update our website. Revel did a great job and it was a pleasure working with them. We highly recommend Revel for web development work.

Revel's Internet Marketing Checklist for Law Firms

Are your Digital Strategy and Online Marketing efforts working for you and producing the results you expect? Do you have a comprehensive Digital Marketing Strategy in place, and are you seeing a decent return on your investment, or could you be doing much better? You’ll only truly know once you compare your current situation with all the absolute essentials you need to have in place to perform and prosper in the digital space in the 21st Century. To help you take full advantage of every Digital Marketing opportunity the internet presents, REVEL has created an 11-page checklist to inform and guide you through the myriad of options to ensure your Digital Footprint is optimized and delivering the results you expect. You’ll also get all the reasons why these tools and strategies are so important, along with tips and tactics to take your online presence to the next level. Simply enter your details on the right, and we’ll send you your checklist immediately.

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