No Law Firm Can Afford to Ignore The Power Of Digital Marketing. Here’s why!

By Widley Vil 15 Jul, 2021
Digital Marketing Widley Vil

Historically, it’s been common practice for most law firms to increase their client base by obtaining referrals from other law firms in their community. However, in this Digital Age, especially if you’re a small up and coming law firm, the fastest way to build your brand while simultaneously generating many more leads that will convert into new loyal clients is by relying on the efforts of a competent digital marketing agency with solid experience in the law firm field. So for any lawyer digital marketing, without a doubt, will save you valuable time and money in the process!

In today’s business world, the internet is the first place new clients turn to educate themselves on choosing competent law firms to serve their individual needs. This is especially true for those clients seeking smaller, more affordable counsel. Considering the vast competition in the marketplace, there’s no question for any lawyer digital marketing provides a strong, dominant presence on the internet vital to the smaller law firm’s stature and longevity. What’s more, the precise targeting digital marketing affords clients seeking specialized services makes having that presence all the more important.
The fact is, smaller and mid size law firms have enough on their plate daily just practicing their craft without having to manage setting up a website and doing all the proper digital marketing necessary for successful results. A website alone without the proper additional digital marketing services will be devoid of any valuable lead generation. Actual result-driven digital marketing requires the help
of SEO(Search Engine Optimization), SEM(Search Engine Marketing), proper blogs, email campaigns and the like to literally drive in daily new traffic that ultimately will convert into quality leads. Truth be told, you wouldn’t hire a plumber to represent you in court, so in a similar fashion, it’s obvious the best way to maintain your digital presence is by putting it in the hands of a highly experienced digital marketing agency that knows your field.

The “Why’s” Of Hiring A Competent New York Law Firm Digital Marketing Agency…..

Achieving significant lead-driven success on the internet means continually striving for obtaining higher and higher rankings on the major search engines like Google or Bing. That’s easier said than done. It also requires knowing how to research constantly what’s trending from daily marketing data, being on the lookout for relevant marketing keywords, discovering the proper marketing target areas where your potential clients can be found, always creating new compelling content that will successfully engage your prospects, and doing separate paid online advertising that supplements the entire spectrum of digital marketing efforts.

Needless to say, all of these highly important digital marketing services require untold amounts of time for effective execution..time that is best left to digital marketing experts to free you up to concentrate on servicing your clients. In addition, digital marketing requirements set by Google keep changing providing yet another reason why digital experts must be involved.

Understanding all these appropriate pre-requisites for effective digital marketing, It goes without saying that to staff your law firm with in-house experts in this area would ultimately wind up being cost-prohibitive. Ergo, for any lawyer digital marketing offers the best cost savings in this regard is by employing a well-qualified outside team.

In Summary…

Improve Your Business Website Ranking…

Today’s internet is saturated with competing websites in most every professional field. This translates into major difficulties getting noticed unless you rely on experts who are extremely adept at improving your website ranking so that you simply won’t get lost in the crowd. It requires excellent proficiency at SEO (Seach Engine Optimization) which in turn, keeps you placed on the first few pages where the majority of prospects spend most of their time searching for law firms like you.

Get Results, Results, Results….

The beauty of the internet is in being able to measure your new website traffic all the time and conversion of visitors to potential leads. When done properly, over time, you will yourself see the difference in the volume of new visitors frequenting your website monthly and the increasing recognition your firm has in the community at large. In fact, as a lawyer digital marketing will enable you to look back at your client base then and now see how well you’ve grown your customer base.

Affordable Value From Outsourcing your Digital Marketing Needs…
As a small to mid-size law firm, you know better than anyone else how important it is to keep a lid on overhead. To this point, you will discover that relying on an outside digital marketing agency with in-depth law firm experience will be the best way to achieve both cost savings and time-saving efficiency. Furthermore, it frees your staff up to do what they do best.

Get Detailed Tracking and Reports to Keep You At The Top of Your Game!

Another important benefit of using an outside digital marketing agency is their ability to keep you on top of monthly internet tracking reports detailing total visitor traffic and other vital marketing data. You can see in clear black and white terms how well digital marketing is performing and what can be done to keep improving your results.

Our Company Background…

Revel Digital Agency is a small but dedicated team of Digital Experts. We specialize in small to mid-size law firms, many of whom have come to us because their digital marketing had been mishandled with poor results. From website builds to total digital marketing including SEO, SEM, blogs, email campaigns, and content, let us show you what we can do for your firm.

Need a High Performance Website for your Law Firm?

Widley Vil

Widley Vil

New York, New York

Widley, by his own admission, is an internet junkie and tech nerd who loves “The Internet of Things” and has been building websites for 5 years. As the man-in-charge, his hands-on approach across all departments guides our growth and manages our mission, which ensures exceptional strategies and solutions for our clients – boosting business and bottom lines, one happy client at a time

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