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Premier Life Solutions

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Revel Agency Nets an Impressive 1161% ROI for Premier Life Solutions


Premier Life Solutions

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Soon after the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, a well-known New York City paralegal company, Premier Life Solutions, contacted us.


Because of Social Distancing, an interesting trend had developed that saw many New Yorkers reconsidering whether they still wanted to be married to one another.

As a result, Premier Life Solutions knew that their potential client base had grown rapidly. However, without a comprehensive digital marketing strategy in place, they also knew that their existing website (alone) did not provide the exposure, or the traffic volumes, for them to take full advantage of this new business opportunity.


New Clients Gained


Facebook Ad Spend




During our initial meeting, Premier expressed frustration that the website they had had for years wasn’t generating the number of quality, targeted leads they needed. 
Without being adequately advised regarding their digital strategy (and other opportunities) in the past, they felt they had wasted time and money and weren’t effectively capitalizing on their marketing efforts, or their investment.

And now with them wanting to attract more clients through the opportunity created by Covid-19, they realized they needed to increase their reach and exposure, while at the same time wanting to focus their efforts on serving their clients better.
They wanted to partner with a competent digital marketing agency that would develop and deploy a dynamic online strategy to get more clients through their doors.


After our initial discussions with Premier, our digital specialists put their heads togetherand started developing acomprehensive, high impact, digital marketing strategy tailored exclusively to Premier’s needs.

As a part of the strategy, we needed to revamp Premier’s existing website. At the same time, we needed to quickly implement and manage a Facebook Retargeting Campaign to drive the right audience to their website, and as soon as possible.

Initially, we implemented a few small but vital changes to their website and then ran their Facebook Retargeting Campaign to test reach, impact and response. It delivered results that exceed expectations in such a short time – see the two Appendix tables below.

This Facebook Retargeting Campaign served as both a market research test for their revised online brand and image, as well as the initial relaunch phase of their repositioned and repurposed services to their (now far greater) online audience.

While we complete Premier’s website overhaul, we are simultaneously implementing an SEO strategy to drive more organic targeted traffic to their business. In addition, and to increase exposure, engagement and new clients, we will be assisting with other aspects of their digital marketing,

•    A Corporate Video to best position and deliver their brand and message
•    A Cold Outreach Email Campaign to engage and inspire potential new clients
•    An Email Autoresponder Campaign to keep existing clients engaged and informed
•    A revised Content Strategy (incl. Blog and Article Marketing) for best organic traffic results
•    Other Social Media and PPC (Pay per Click) Advertising initiatives to capitalize on all identified opportunities

This comprehensive (and relatively inexpensive investment when compared with ROI) digital strategy Revel created for Premier will ensure we help them maintain a steady stream of new clients.


Converting online traffic to real clients based on Social Media adspend requires a comprehensive Content Strategy and a well-executed targeting strategy too. Revel accomplished both.
Our Content Strategy resonated with Premier’s potential clients on multiple Social Media platforms.
With strategic targeting on Facebook alone, we were able to exceed our expectations by 200%.
In one month, we were able to help Premier Life Solutions gain 6 new clients. Their ROI from services delivered was a staggering 1161%.


Premier Life Solutions provides a valuable, emotionally aware and empathetic service to couples in New York City who have decided, through experiencing Social Distancing, that they may no longer want to be together.
Premier has a compelling story and a proud history, driven by their compassionate company vision and mission, and they provide an exemplary service to their clients.

Because of how delighted Premier was with the early (very promising) results of our Facebook Retargeting Campaign, they immediately signed on with us for the rest of the year

During these uncertain times, Revel Agency has been honored to partner with Premier Life Solutions to Revel up (or is that LEVEL up?) their digital presence to instantly attract more clients.

ROI Calculation

Cost for Premier Services$1,500.00
New Clients Gained10
Total Income$15,000.00
Less Facebook Ad Spend$1700.13

Expectations Exceeded


Expected New Clients2
Actual New Clients10
Expectations Exceeded by200%

Client’s Feedback

I was one of those people that had their website setup years ago and never looked back. I thought everything was fine because people called and said they looked at the site and thought it was professional enough to trust me. That was about five years ago. When I noticed calls slowing down I tried to figure out why. It didn’t take long for me to realize that I was a dinosaur as far as my website was concerned. Revel stepped in and resurrected my site and made me young again! My sales have surpassed anything I could ever imagine! Widley at Revel takes the time to go over each step and doesn’t make you feel dumb when you ask questions. He even takes time out to check in on me without nickel and diming me every chance he gets.

I was going to use one of those do it yourself sites but I’m soooooo glad I didn’t. I would have made myself look cheap and skimpy. The investment in a better website was so worth it. I’m grateful to be back in the game. Thanks to Widley and his incredible team at Revel.

Watch This Incredible Testimonial From Sandler of Premium Life​ Solution

We are now hard at work implementing their revised Digital Marketing Strategy, managing their Social Media and online presence. So when opportunity knocks and you KNOW it’s time for you to develop and implement a dynamic new digital strategy to attract more clients…

Take inspiration from the Premier / REVEL alliance and CONTACT US TODAY To Secure the Digital Future of YOUR Business!